Client Testimonials

What an experience!

We received this as a gift, and this was a gift we can never repay nor match. We had to book several times before the weather conditions were just right, and once we got to go, I fully understand why. I certainly would not want to land in windy weather. The owners are wonderful, hardworking and very skilled at what they do. They even get you to participate and be a part of the inflation and deflation process. But sailing through the sky in a basket, 3,000 feet up in the air is peaceful, magical, more than I could have ever imagined. Check this off your bucket list and book with Skyward Balloons, who’ve been in business for 28yrs

Samatha L

Exceptional Skyward Balloons Ride

I have only praise for the hot-air balloon ride at Skyward Balloons. It was double what I expected. The pilot and crew were most professional and courteous. Their expertise in the inflation of the balloon, getting it up in the air and flying over the country side was truly exceptional.
I highly recommend that a person take a balloon ride, particularly with Skyward Balloons. A hot-air balloon ride is the closest to heaven a person will get. Being in an open basket gives you a feeling of free flying. You almost feel like an angel flying over the countryside.
Skyward Balloons is a company with a lot of class. After the flight, we were all served non-alcoholic champagne. What a beautiful way to celebrate a terrific flight. Before the crew and passengers departed, we shook hands and hugged each other.
My flight with Skyward Balloons is an experience I will pleasantly remember. It was a most enjoyable social and sporting experience. Skyward Balloons is heavenly.

MIchael C

Birthday and Anniversary Gift

What an experience. From setup and takeoff to landing it was a fabulous experience. Never imagined we would ever do this. Loved every minute of it. Sights were fantastic. Top notch crew, very informative.

Ron K