Your adventure begins here – The Beautiful Hawker Hunter T7

If you’re an aviation guru, a Cold War Jets buff or just looking for the chance of a lifetime flying in one of our two British Cold War Jets, this is for you! Choose between the British Royal Air Force – Hawker Hunter T7 or our Jet Provost T4 for one of the fastest and most unique experience in your lifetime.

About the Royal Air Force  – Hawker Hunter T7 (above): The Hawker Hunter was one of the World’s First Supersonic Fighters and had a very long and successful career in the RAF from the late 1950s until they were retired in 1994.  The Hawker Hunter once held the World Speed Record at 727 mph in 1953 with Neville Duke at the Controls.  There were more than 1900 built and served with many (19) Air Forces around the World. The Swiss Air Force operated more than 160 Aircraft, both new and second-hand. The Hunter was upgraded several times from it’s Interceptor Fighter role to finally being used for as a Ground Attack Aircraft, which it was very successful at and was used by militia squadrons in the last decades of its service life. The retired aircraft had a ready market as a Warbird and for use in target facilities operations.

The Hawker Hunter is still being used by a number of air forces today including the US and Europe as a simulated threat attack aircraft to training Air Defense systems!  The Hawker Hunter is a beautiful aircraft with clean lines and is well known for its wonderful flying characteristics. There are ONLY two places in the world that you can fly in this wonderful aircraft and one is here in Ontario, Canada.

Remember, only in Skyward’s Cold War Jets can you sit in the Front Seat next to the Pilot (Not behind the Pilot) so you have a  Front Row Seat to be able to see the whole flight not just left and right from behind the Pilot!

Special note: Since Skyward is the only company in North America offering this specialized adventure, we are in high demand. As such, please be sure to contact us before booking online to make sure we can ensure your accommodations are met to your full satisfaction!