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Want to go “Skyward” with speed?

If you’re an aviation guru, a Cold War history buff or looking for a chance of a lifetime flying in one of our two Cold War jets, this is for you! Hope onboard either the British Royal Air Force (RAF) – Hawker Hunter T7 or our Jet Provost T4 for one of the fastest and most unique experience in your lifetime.

About the RAF – Hawker Hunter T7 (above): The Hawker Hunter had a very long and successful career in many Air Forces around the World from the late 1950s until they were retired in 1994. There were more than 1970 produced and the RAF operated a large number of aircraft, both new and second-hand. The Hunter was upgraded several times and was used mainly used as an interceptor fighter and then later as a ground attack aircraft by militia squadrons in the last decades of its service life. The Swiss Air Force made good use of the Hunter when it beat the F86 Sabra as the contender for the Swiss as it could carry twice the payload or go twice as far when compared to the F86. The retired aircraft had a ready market as a war bird and is still use today by many air forces for Threat Simulation to attack US and UK bases and ships.

Ride in our Hawker Hunter T7!


The BAC Jet Provost is a British jet aircraft that was in use with the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1955 to 1993. It was originally developed by Hunting Percival from the earlier piston engine-powered Percival Provost basic trainer, and later produced by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC). In addition to the multiple RAF orders, the Jet Provost, sometimes with light armament, was exported to many air forces worldwide. The design was also further developed into a more heavily armed ground attack variant under the name BAC Strikemaster.

Special note: Since Skyward is the only company in North America offering this specialized adventure, we are in high demand. As such, please be sure to contact us before booking online to make sure we can ensure your accommodations are met to your full satisfaction!

Ride in our Jet Provost T4!